xreating gudied meditations coverCreating Guided Meditation for yourself and Others

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Second Edition
Release Date: 06/2015

Sometimes we are deaf when it comes to hearing the messages of the divine. However one of the best tools to hear these messages, as well as tap into our higher selves is guided meditations.

A really good guided meditation will assist an individual to really hear what is going on in his or her unconscious, also known as the universal consciousness or the divine.

This book teaches you an easy and safe method to create guided meditations, which you can then use to help yourself in many aspects of your life. For those who work as counselors,teachers, or healers, this book addresses the ethics involved in creating meditations for others, as well as how best to serve your clients.


Guided meditation is a form of stress relief that is conducive to relaxing the whole body, in part by finding a way of peaceful and calming relaxation from within the body. Guided meditation may utilize soothing photographs or scenarios to enhance the ability of the mind to relax and guide the body to a point of relaxation so that the person in meditation can find a true sense of inner peace. Quite often, guided meditation will be accompanied by soft music or sounds of nature.

One of the keys to successfully having a session of guided meditation is finding an area where the one meditating will be free of distractions. Any outside interference will prevent proper concentration and make the attempts at guided meditation futile and perhaps even frustrating, further aggravating the problem one is seeking to solve by the very use of guided meditation.

After finding a suitable location for guided meditation, other factors need to be taken into consideration. Some practitioners of guided meditation feel that visual stimuli can be used to help achieve a sense of inner peace and help to achieve true relaxation. Still other practitioners of guided meditation feel that any outside visual simulation will detract from the mind’s ability to properly focus on the body, and that the results of the guided meditation will be hindered or even reversed.

The same can be said for auditory stimulation during sessions of guided meditation. While some individuals believe that soothing sound effects or even quiet music are conducive to the guided meditation, still others believe that they are only hindrances, and will do nothing more than create a harmful atmosphere for the practitioner of such guided meditation.

The basic concept of guided meditation is to relax. This is done by taking the individual on a guided tour of sorts through his/her own body. In the practice of guided meditation, it is normal to find a focal point in the body and begin there, someplace that is easy to relax. While staying focused on the body, and in particular the muscles, the practitioner of guided meditation attempts to relax the muscles of the body. Allowing the body to completely relax allows the practitioner of guided meditation to next completely relax the mind.

When the mind and body are completely relaxed, the person can begin to concentrate on focusing his thoughts and ideas during the guided meditation. When using guided meditation, the guide takes the individual on a journey or to a particular time in her/his own life.

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