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Chakra Breathing Technique

This form of Yoga Breathing can be practiced by any individual. It is good for general good health, balance and to generate more peace within oneself. I received this from a dear friend who reminded me that we were both taught this method many years ago. I share it here with all of you my dear readers and visitors.


As humans we tend to loose energy focusing on the material world. As we are consumed by our mundane lives our energy starts moving down and out in an inappropriate manner. At this point as our energy gets drained we become tired, and sometimes depressed. People try many things to increase their energy including more sensory pleasures. This in and of itself does not work.

However,  if our energy is moving up then we are energized. In fact even sensual pleasure is improved if our energy is moving up instead of down. ( YOU know what I mean!!)This technique uses chakra breathing, attuning with sound, and  color visualization to move our energy up to our source, through the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, to the silver thread connected to the central sun and the universal consciousness that nourishes us and energizes our entire being.

As we practice this method the entire physical, mental, and spiritual body starts waking up. The reason for this is the energy then starts to flow well to all our cells and rejuvenates us. For those who are feeling old it is almost like a “Fountain of Youth”.

Like other forms of Yoga, after this exercise even our physical breathing follows the energy that naturally flows from the silver thread connecting us to the Universal Consciousness within and without each of us.

The Method

1st Chakra – Base – red – Earth – (mountains) – intone LAM LAM LAM
2nd Chakra – navel – orange – Water – (ocean waves, water falls) – VAM VAM VAM
3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus – yellow – (Fire ) – RAM RAM RAM
4th Chakra – Heart – green – Air – ( breezes, wind) – YAM YAM YAM
5th Chakra – Throat – lt blue – (Sky Universe) – HAM HAM HAM
6th Chakra – Third Eye – blue – OM OM OM
7th Chakra – Crown – pink – awareness

At this point one feels the Universal Consciousness without lifting us to connect
with the Universal Consciousness without.

Now, relax totally, our breathing now moves in a circle giving to the universe and receiving from the universe.

One feels they are naturally powering up, feeling the fresh life force coming into our physical body as light that illuminates us as we return it to the Universe.

The more one does this exercise, the more positive energy, (light) one stores and can share.

We also begin to be more balanced, hence less prone to dis-ease.


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