Yule-Tide Reflections

Yule-Tide Blessings!

As the Sun King has returned I think on all that has happened the past solar year. It has been a year of much change for me and many others. Some apparently positive and some apparently negative. Of course as a Warrior of the New Millennium I attach no judgment to these changes. I have seen much evidence of release of the Piscean Age’s grip on the now Aquarian Age world.

I can only truly speak for myself and as I sit here after Solar Return Day and my Birth Day I am truly blessed by All My Relations. This year I watched people in my community gather together with Lady Willo’ and I to shower us with blessings in a way that I have never felt before. I have watched the community begin to heal from past hurts, and to join together in mutual support that hints at the new balance and harmony of the universe to come. I am truly blessed.

We are a global community that has changed the world in which we were born. As Lady Willo’ and I travel the North American Continent and communicate with people all over this small world that circles a small star in a small galaxy I feel the energetic shift that will bring a higher vibration for all entities. This, I think is what has happened in so many lives this past year.

The solar year 2014 saw many of the elders of our community pass beyond the veil, yet I have felt many of them as we kept on during 2015, I am reminded that nothing truly dies, there is only a transmutation of energy that is there for us to feel, work with, be blessed with, and return to in gratitude.

I am encouraged by the way the global community is working. Many do not see it, much is in the media about those things that are not working yet, at another level, if one looks past the media hype; we can see the world is becoming a more enlightened place. I have many examples this year in my own life.

In 2014, yes it began about two years ago, some of our students saw a need for me to have a cell phone, I did not speak the need, and frankly I was not even cognizant of the need as I felt blessed to be able to connect with all my relations energetically, and electronically without one. These students decided on their own, without talking with myself or Lady Willo’ that they could bless me with a cell phone and did. I was surprised, reluctant, and yet this is now the way that I have been able to reach, communicate, and help many more people. Another individual gave the church a laptop to replace the very old laptop that was running an old operating system that increased many fold what we could do to reach the global community.

Many individuals over the last two years have heard of this blessing, and 2015 saw many more blessings. At Three Gates Gathering 2015 with the help of an artisan from Arkansas we were able to raise enough finances to complete the bath house that many people will be blessed to utilize this year at Three Gates Gathering 2016, (June 10-12 2016 – http://threegatesgathering.com). Two people were so encouraged by the work and the energy that we do here at the Wite Rayvn Intentional Community that they decided to move here and become part of the work. One of these individuals was local and the other moved all the way from New England to join us. They have added their distinctiveness, not in a Borg way, to our “collective” and we have seen tremendous progress to the vision for the community locally and global communities.

Last spring Lady Willo’ and I were blessed to be cast for Spring Mysteries Festival at Fort Flaggler in Washington State and we could not have gotten there without support from the global community that raised all the finances we needed to be able to go and participate. Once there, the ATC Mother Church (http://atcwicca.org) even blessed us with a new bed that we could sleep on so that we did not have to sleep on the floor in Index Washington – which we would have been happy to do!

Later in the year, one member of the community locally saw that I was using a computer that was not really advanced enough for the work that I do and traded their more advanced device for that one so that I could continue to reach more people globally. Six months later, some members of the global community realized that I could use a HD CAM for that machine and purchased it and sent it to me. At the time I did not know that I was going to be invited to share The Warrior Within in a weekly radio show, yet, without this device I could not do that show. The Warrior Within Show which started October 16, 2015 on WCAS radio (http://thecauldron.net) was offered to me by the owner of that station who I had met at Three Gates Gathering 2015! Please remember that I did not voice any of these things and most of them were not even in my conscious mind!

On to Yule-tide, Lady Willo’ in a small conversation with the individual who moved here from New England mentioned that part of her achy back was our 20 year old mattress. This individual contacted the members of Wite Rayvn and together they raised enough funds, and purchased a brand new mattress for Lady Willo’ and I that we have been enjoying! A truly amazing Yule/birthday gift.

Lastly, we were blessed to receive a brand new laptop that I can use as we travel all over the world to share the amazing bounty, blessing, balance and harmony of the universe this year. Yes, once more I remind you that I did not voice any of these things and they were not in my conscious mind at all!

Personally, my birth day which corresponds with Solar Return Day was a full moon for the first time in 38 years and it was truly a memorable and blessed time with people that I love and who love me and they even watched really old movies with me! I even received more gifts, which I was totally not expecting and each of them were personal to me, and showed a true understanding. Yes, I love carousels and hand crocheted fingerless gloves, hats and scarves.

All of this to me is the proof of the ripples of the awakening consciousness of the universe around us. As I cogitate on the 12 Dimensions of Consciousness I am encouraged by the easily recognizable 4th and 5th level consciousness being demonstrated all over the world. 4th level is the astral plane.  This is the realm of the unconscious mind. As we exercise the connection to our unconscious mind, we experience more awareness of the Universal Consciousness. This is the place where we begin to experience the Warrior Within, or the Warrior of the New Millennium.


In the 5th dimension of consciousness we feel the Universal Consciousness and begin to exude and connect with the constant experience of unconditional love and acceptance. There is total acceptance of all the aspects of ourselves and we are in communication with each aspect of our own being-ness and even listen to our own Higher Selves more often.

Now we come to one more level of consciousness which we have actually been speaking of this entire message, the 6th level of Consciousness or the Magical Child. Don’t shy away now, I am not speaking spells and rituals. I am talking about the magical and spiritual aspects or ourselves and how life is blessed and magical. All the blessings I have received this year is directed toward and an enhancement of the work of spirit. This includes an act of surrender to the spiritual evolution of self while creating our own reality that encourages that evolution. This is the key to awaken even higher levels of consciousness during the New Millennium.

This does not mean that there will not be challenges. There are always challenges; however, without challenges there is no balance. I like to look at challenges as a way to enlighten myself to those aspects of myself that I can work. Balance is never static and neither am I.

Every person has the capability to cast off the shackles of the Piscean Age. Once those shackles are released, one can truly begin to vibrate at the higher consciousness levels. I am encouraged by all the growth I see around me, all the shackles being left on the ground and this is the most amazing gift we all receive this Yule-Tide.

May this Solar Year be most Blessed to you all.

Alfred Willowhawk