Did you know that each and every person has the Goddess (female) and God (Male) within?

Did you know that you can tap into this and truly manifest your own desires?

Did you know that projective and receptive energy is all around you?

This course is designed to:

  1. recognize the male and female aspects within yourself
  2. utilize these energies
  3. communicate with all aspects of yourself
  4. Reach and become friends with your own shadow without fear!

The course is 10 lessons that you can do at home.

  • Each lesson has a small (10 minutes) lesson by Alfred Willowhawk
  • followed by exercises that you can do to incorporate each lesson into your life.
  • A followup lesson (10 minutes) to reinforce the lesson
  • A special 30 minute guided mediation that can be repeated as often as needed to help you manifest the balanced harmonious self you create

All this for only $125.00 (USD) plus shipping

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